Recently I realized how important basic items are. There’s nothing better and more crucial than a well-fitting black t-shirt or minimalist black sneakers. In order to celebrate the power of basics, I created a look solely consisting of them – spoiler: Unlike you would expect, it is not boring. Thanks to an awesome longline cardigan.

Why basics are called basics

You can never go wrong with black. I still think so. Since I decided to purchase more basics on a regular basis, I noticed that choosing my daily outfit has become a lot easier. Basics are, as the name tells, the basis of a good look. You can never have enough of them.

Recently, as I went shopping, I spotted this beautiful black longline cardigan that I already showed you in this look. It took me ages to find something like that, even though many shop offer black longline cardigans for men as well. However, most of them turned out to be too tight or too long. To be honest, I love Pull & Bear for making such great items. This longline cardigan has the perfect fit and it's not too hot in it, so that I can wear it in summer, too. The best is that it matches almost anything, which is why I like to call it the ultimate basic item.

Other basics that I wouldn't want to miss: Black skinny jeans, Adidas Superstars, bomber jackets, a fake leather jacket, cool backpacks and rings. What are your personal basics? 

Longline cardigan: Styling tips for men

As already mentioned, there are tons of ways to wear a longline cardigan. I prefer combining it with a plain pair of jeans, either blue or black. Sicne the cardigan is already slightly oversized, I wouldnt't wear loose pants with it.

The t-shirt you're wearing under the cardigan should neither be too long, nor too short. In case you additionally want to wear a jacket, it should neither be too tight, nor too loose.

Sneakers are always the best choice. However, I also like to wear sandals in combination with a longline cardigan. Perfect for summer nights. 

Longline cardigan: My outfit

All-black is always a good choice. I really can't tell why, but I like this combination the most. That is why I decided to opt for black basics together with the cardigan. I added some cool new bracelets that I got from Clockhouse the other day. They're wooden black with some silver accents. Even though I'm not an entire fan of bracelets, I wear these quite often at the moment.

I would call this look minimalist, clean and simple, but casually cool. Especially in summer I want to wear comfy clothing and I really hope you like this look. Do you also own a longline cardigan? If so, how do you usually combine it? 

Cardigan: Pull & Bear
T-shirt: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Sneakers: Adidas Superstar
Bracelets: Clockhouse

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  1. Love basics outfits too.. I go with my white tee everywhere ;)

    Best, Albert
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