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Buying the perfect sunglasses: Tips & tricks

The beach. Holidays. Partys. Festivals. Summer is here. What would all that be like without a nice pair of sunglasses? If you haven’t already, now is the time to get yourself the perfect pair of shades.

Before buying them, you should know which kind of sunglasses you want to have. Many guys make the wrong decision, because they haven’t had a specific pair in mind before the actual purchase. Which colour should the frames have? What about the glasses? Which shape suits you best?

These are the most basic questions that you should ask yourself in advance. Most guys take the wrong shape for their head form. Even though it’s the shape of your head that determines which kind of sunglasses really suit you. I recommend you to take squared ones if your head is rather round. And vice versa. Thus, you can go for round frames, if you have an angular face. However, the latter seems to be the head form that can wear most types of sunglasses.

You can get good sunglasses for little money. In any case, quality is key. Cheap shades won’t last long. Prefer a high-quality pair that will last you a lifetime. That is something you can splurge on without hesitation. Feeling comfortable with your sunglasses is the most important tip that I can give you.

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The perfect sunglasses: Styling my outfit

At Ace & Tate I found my perfect pair of sunglasses: They are all-black with darkened shades and have a square shape. The Dutch designer brand has an awesome selection of all kinds of shades and it was actually really hard to choose. However, the interactive pictures in the shop really helped me out and I made the right decision. I love their designs. Not only men will find their perfect frames there.

Even though Ace & Tate is slightly more expensive than other manufacturers, the service and the quality are just incredible. I really liked the personalized packaging and the etui that came with the sunglasses. Perfect for on the go.

I went for a casual checked shirt that I think goes really well with the shades. To make things more casual, I decided to combine these two items with skinny jeans and my new sandals. Summer, I’m coming for you.

Checked white Shirt H&M Industrial Location Black designer men's sunglasses

Sunglasses: Ace & Tate
Shirt: H&M
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Sandals: Zara

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