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In part one of my personal Berlin Fashion Week recap, I already told you what I did in my first two days. They mainly consisted of fashion shows like the one from Odeur Studio. I really liked day 3 and 4 because of all the cool events: The HashMag Blogger Lounge, the Julian Zigerli fashion show and the legendary Michalsky StyleNite among other things.

FW Day 3: Seek, HashMag Blogger Lounge, #BeckenrandSpektakel

Seek Exhibition Brands

After drinking a glas of wine at the end of day 2, we went to the Seek exhibition the next morning. This trade show combines progressive and contemporary menswear fashion and selected womenswear. To put it in one word: Streetwear. You guys know how much I love streetstyle. We had the chance to discover the brand's new collections and to talk to some cool people.

So far, Seek has become my most favorite fashion trade show of all. Maybe because of the brands: Birkenstock, Dr. Martens and Polaroid, for instance. I also liked the location that is located near Schlesisches Tor. Unfortunately, we hadn't have enough time to be around more than two hours, because we went to Mitte to the HashMag Blogger Lounge.

HashMag Blogger Lounge Berlin
Lycka Frozen Yoghurt

California in Berlin? Yes, that's right. HashMag planned a super cool Event called the Blogger Lounge that took place for the third time at Fashion Week. An amazing festival kind of location, yummy vegan frozen yoghurt provided by lycka and some other awesome things to try out - perfect for a relaxed afternoon in the midst of Fashion Week. I had the chance of meeting lots of cool fellow bloggers and to chill out a bit. 

Hashmag Ballons

After recollecting some energy, we went to two parties in the evening: The Izaio x Sleek Party, directly located at Alexanderplatz and, afterwards, the legendary #BeckenrandSpektakel (pool edge spectacle) at Haubentaucher in Friedrichshain.

We really were looking forward to the location at Alexanderplatz, but we had to stand in line for an hour to get in - even though we were on the guest list. The party was ok. We left after about one hour to attend the Beckenrandspektakel.  This party was organized by Cropped Magazine. I didn't bring my camera with me, but I would have loved to show you pictures from this incredible location. There was a pool standing in the midst of the crowd - the weather was really nice and there were free drinks. Sounds like a dream? Just awesome. If we hadn't been that exhausted already, we probably would have danced here all night long.

FW Day 4: Julian Zigerli und Michalsky StyleNite

Julian Zigerli Fashion Show
Julian Zigerli summer collection

The Swiss menswear fashion designer Julian Zigerli presented his new collection on the last day of Fashion Week. It's been the spring/summer collection of 2017. I really enjoyed the differend patterns and fabrics in combination with interesting colors. The clothes are individual, lightweight and have a summery and sporty feel to them.

This time, Zigerli also showed womenswear. However, the items seem to be quite unisex, if you ask me. That is a trend I noticed in the industry. Here you'll find more photos of the Julian Zigerli SS17 collection.

Julian Zigerli Womenswear
Julian Zigerli Menswear

After attending the last fashion show of the season, Julia and I were looking forward to the Michalsky StyleNite. For those of you who don't know him: He's probably Germany's most popular designer, since he just was part of the Germany's Next Topmodel Jury. The StyleNite has gotten iconic in Berlin. A lot of famous influencers, stars and other cool people were attending this party. Nice beats, free drinks and an incredible view made this party really special. Super fancy. 

Fashion Week Berlin 2016: My conclusion

To be honest, I'm glad that Fashion Week is over. A lot of things had to be organized, a lot of e-mails had to be written and we barely had time to eat and sleep properly. However, it was worth it. We've met so many awesome people and got a lot of insightful impressions.. I for my part am looking forward to the next season already.

Retrospecitvely, I liked the HashMag Blogger Lounge the most. I also enjoyed the Odeur Studio and Ivanman fashion shows. After all the text and photos, I hope you enjoyed this diary kind of post. Do you prefer personal posts? I would really like to hear your feedback.

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