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Berlin Fashion Week 2016 is over. The certainly most important event of the German fashion industry takes place twice a year. Designers, retailers and bloggers will make sure to be in the thick of the action. I personally was looking forward to many cool partys, fashion shows and exhibitions myself. Read all about it in part one of my personal recap.

FW Day 1: Ivanman, Fashion Blogger Café, Thomas Hanisch and Odeur Studio

Ivanman Berlin

Day 1. Tuesday. My first day at Berlin Fashion Week started with the Ivanman Berlin show. I personally really liked the presentation of the designer’s summer collection. Classic cuts. Black in combination with vibrant colors like turquoise, along with soft cream and dusky pink. A really nice color-coordination if you ask me.

The designer proved that men can also wear colors that may appear feminine. In fact the collection even inspired me to try to incorporate more colors to my wardrobe again. Here you can see the whole collection of Ivanman Berlin.

Styleranking Fashion Blogger Café
Fashion Blogger Café Germany

After attending the Ivanman show at the Collector’s Room in Mitte, we went to the famous Fashion Blogger Café that is organized by Styleranking. This time, it took place at Bikini Berlin, which is a well-known shopping mall at Kurfürstendamm. Here you can meet and get to know various fashion bloggers and cool brands. The perfect place for a chat.

Thomas Hanisch SS17
Thomas Hanisch SS17
Thomas Hanisch SS17
My second invitation came from Thomas Hanisch, a very young but talented designer. He combines aspects of art and fashion, as well as statement fabrics and cuts. The fact that Lady Gaga wears his fashion really helped him out. This time it’s been his second show at Berlin Fashion Week.

Even though he only designs womenswear, I really liked the items of his SS17 collection. Hanisch knows how to incorporate self-confidence and Parisian elegance into his work: Extraordinary forms, materials and prints are the basis of the new collection. Along with black and white, he went for some statement red and orange that really made a great match. The looks had a very special 60s flair to them. Here you’ll find more photos of the Thomas Hanisch collection.

Odeur Studio Spring Summer Collection 2017
Odeur Studio SS17
Odeur Studio SS17
The Odeur Studio fashion show was a great ending of day 1 at Berlin Fashion Week: The Swedish brand is exactly what I am aiming for in terms of my personal style: Minimalist, clean. Black as the basis of most of the looks. Just because of that, this show was probably the one I was looking forward to the most. The brand stayed true to itself, but it also incorporated a lot of amazing new fabrics and prints.

In addition to a blue bomber jacket, silver-metallic rain jackets are also part of the new summer collection. However, most of the items remain black and white. That does not necessarily mean that the looks are boring – just the opposite is the case. Modern, straight cuts, a mixture of different materials like polyester and mesh, as well as sporty accents really impressed me. The presentation itself was a show: They prepared some cool live music.

FW Day 2: Ethical Fashion Show, Premium and Hallhuber Fashion Cocktail

Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin

Day 2 has been exhibition day for me. Thos fashion trade shows are usually not open for customers; they rather take place for retailers and bloggers. There, almost every relevant brand presents their new collection. There you also have the chance to get to know people and brands.

Because at Berlin Fashion Week there are over 5 of those trade shows, I unfortunately had to decide which one I would attend due to lack of time. In the end I went for the Ethical Fashion Trade Show. What I find interesting: At this trade show, it’s all about eco-friendly, fair and sustainable fashion.

Ecological fashion still has a bad reputation. However, a lot of brands showed that eco-friendly fashion does not necessarily look bad. I honestly expected the Ethical Fashion Trade show to be bigger – that showed me that this section still has to grow in the fashion industry. I mean that there still is a lot of potential. In any case there were some cool and stylish brands. I for my part am looking forward to where this whole eco-fashion topic will go.

After visiting the Premium trade show, I went to the Hallhuber pop-up store in Mitte to grab some delicious cocktails together with Julia.

Cocktails at Hallhuber Fashion Cocktail
Hallhuber Pop-Up Store Berlin

That was part two of my Berlin Fashion Week column. In the next part of my personal recap, I will talk about the Julian Zigerli runway show, as well the HashMag Blogger Lounge and the famous Michalsky StyleNite.

Then I will also tell you why I still feel extremely tired after all this stress, but have the urge to attend Fashion Week again at the same time. Have you ever been to Fashion Week? If so, in which city?

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